Irrigation Spray Jet Series

-Useful irrigation of orchards, nurseries, greenhouses -Suitable for irrigation of plants having widespread root zone

40 holes seedling tray

Seedling tray - 40 seed cells - fit for round net pot - durable, long lasting - reusable Seedling tray, also called seed starting tray - a plastic tray designed with multiple small cups to hold seedlings. It is a very useful gardening tool that allow users to plant 1-2 seeds in each cell, during the germination stage. Until the seedlings are ready for transplantation, it could be moved to a bigger pots/containers.

3 layer hydroponic set (installation guide)

- 3 layer complete set, 1meter each layer - Each layer is 5 holes - Holes size 47mm: Fit to 50mm Net Pot (Included) - 1 bag of LECA included - 1 bag of Nutrien Powder: AB included - 1 Water Pump and Water Tank - To seal the End cap, you have to apply PVC Glue, which is NOT included in this package

Windmill PP Compression Ball Valve

- Smart Series Push Fit, ease your work - Available size from 20mm to 110mm - Ball & Stem & Locking nut: Polypropylene - Made in Malaysia - Windmill Brand

Windmill Lay Flat Hose (Sunny Hose)

- Lay flat hose is able to be laid flat for storage purposes; they are used for the delivery of water in roles such as construction or irrigation; when it is not easy to transport water. - Size from 1-1/2" to 4" - 100meter Per Roll - Suitable for outdoor, or drip irrigation - Working Pressure 2 Bars - Bursting Pressure 6 Bars - Made in Malaysia

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