Why my pcj drippers are not dripping?

If you are using netafim pcj dripper, have you ever wonder why the dripper is not dripping even there is water flow through the pipeline? Check out this video to solve your problem!

Repair Clamp

Easy to repair cracks, holes and breakages in pipeline.

Netafim PCJ Dripper

-Brand: Netafim -Flow rate: 2L/H -Working pressure: 1.5bar to 4bar

Hydroponic Pipe and Fittings

-size: 4inch x 2inch -rectangular pipe length: 1m,1.5m,2m,6m

Durian Plant Irrigation Installation System

Air Release Valve

Air valves are used on water mainlines and transmission lines, placed at high points in the system; at drip line lateral ends; at grade changes, such as, before and after steep slopes; in long horizontal runs; often before and after isolation or shut-off valves; and on the discharge side of deep well pumps.

Windmill Disc Filter 1inch

> Application:Filtration for hose/ farm field / irrigation > Filtration Degree: 120mesh > Work Temperature: 0-80c > Pressure: 10 > Max Flow (volume/hours): 2.5

PP Compression Wall Plate Elbow

-Durable polypropylene compression fitting connector for use with HDPE pipe -The use of PTFE tape in threaded connections is strongly recommended -The s/s ring cap is not included -Different sizes available: 20mm x 1/2 inch 25mm x 1/2 inch 25mm x 3/4 inch 32mm x 3/4 inch 32mm x 1 inch

Rain Gun Introduction Video

Rain Gun - one of the most common sprinkler used in irrigation field. In this video, you will find out the features, how it works, and how to adjust the spray angle.

How to Connect 1mm Micro Tubing to LDPE Tubing Pipe

Irrigation Spray Jet Series

-Useful irrigation of orchards, nurseries, greenhouses -Suitable for irrigation of plants having widespread root zone

40 holes seedling tray

Seedling tray - 40 seed cells - fit for round net pot - durable, long lasting - reusable Seedling tray, also called seed starting tray - a plastic tray designed with multiple small cups to hold seedlings. It is a very useful gardening tool that allow users to plant 1-2 seeds in each cell, during the germination stage. Until the seedlings are ready for transplantation, it could be moved to a bigger pots/containers.

3 layer hydroponic set (installation guide)

- 3 layer complete set, 1meter each layer - Each layer is 5 holes - Holes size 47mm: Fit to 50mm Net Pot (Included) - 1 bag of LECA included - 1 bag of Nutrien Powder: AB included - 1 Water Pump and Water Tank - To seal the End cap, you have to apply PVC Glue, which is NOT included in this package

Windmill PP Compression Ball Valve

- Smart Series Push Fit, ease your work - Available size from 20mm to 110mm - Ball & Stem & Locking nut: Polypropylene - Made in Malaysia - Windmill Brand

Windmill Lay Flat Hose (Sunny Hose)

- Lay flat hose is able to be laid flat for storage purposes; they are used for the delivery of water in roles such as construction or irrigation; when it is not easy to transport water. - Size from 1-1/2" to 4" - 100meter Per Roll - Suitable for outdoor, or drip irrigation - Working Pressure 2 Bars - Bursting Pressure 6 Bars - Made in Malaysia

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